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Let's Create A Betta World For Bettas!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Betta World For Bettas

Most caring pet owners will agree -- pets are part of the family. We cherish them and the moments of joy they bring to our lives. From their goofy moments that make us laugh to the photos we can never take enough of, they are there for us. Even more important than that is how we are there for them.

As aquarium and fish keeping has grown in popularity over recent years, a spotlight has shone on Betta fish. With their fin variations and vibrant colors, practically anyone can find a Betta that catches their eye, making them a massive selling point for commercial pet product manufacturers.

A stroll through the aisles of your local pet stores’ aquarium section will show an array of Bettas trapped in tiny cups. They look miserable, right? Keep looking and you can easily find a variety of Betta-specific care products like tiny "starter tanks" and bowls. An online search for Betta aquariums can yield thousands of DIY tanks made from mason jars, vases, and cocktail glasses.

The fact is: small-cramped conditions like these are not suitable for Betta fish to thrive in and can bring a host of problems which can be bad for your Betta. Yet the industry advertises them as suitable environments – leaving customers frustrated later when their Betta “just keeps having problems”. As a member of your family, we know you want to provide appropriate care for your Betta -- and we’re here to help and learn together!

Betta World For Bettas seeks to raise awareness on appropriate care while challenging the harmful Betta-specific products promoted by the commercial pet industry.

Just like you, we think our Betta’s well-being comes before industry profit. We don’t underestimate the love that owners have for their fish, because when people understand proper Betta care they choose enriching and healthy environments for their beloved pals --not small, cramped spaces.

So please join, comment, follow on Instagram and Twitter, and help us tackle the problems together, to create a Betta World For Bettas!


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