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Advocating For Betta Fish Welfare Through Social Media

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Betta World For Bettas is a space to consolidate support through social media and show the pet industry that there is a consumer demand for humane Betta fish products, treatment, and caregiving guidance.

Although Bettas are frequently associated with tiny tanks and bowls, it is becoming more common to see consumers push back against these misconceptions.

Many individuals and organizations are raising awareness about Betta fish welfare and proper tank conditions. A widely stated minimum aquarium size size is 5 gallons, and other essential elements include a heater, filtration, plants, and hiding spots.

The pet industry profits from consumers being misinformed about the needs and requirements of Betta fish. For example, Petco suggests 0.25 gallon (4 cups) min tank size for Betta fish in their Betta Care Sheet.

This can be a focused area to address companies by tagging them in posts, mentioning them in comments, and sharing our opinions and/or experiences with their inhumane or inadequate Betta fish products and practices.

Please find and engage with on social media:


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