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Pet Store Employee Experiences and Observations (survey responses)

15 current and former pet store employees volunteered to answer questions about their experiences to help inform betta fish advocacy efforts.

These are anonymous responses to an informal Google Forms survey. They offer some insights into employee frustrations, corporate policies and practices, and consumer attitudes about betta fish.

If you are a current or former pet store employee and would like a link to the survey to contribute your thoughts, please email or send an Instagram DM at @bettaworldforbettas.

Store type (15 responses)

How much training did you receive to care for the bettas in-store?

Do any betta fish arrive at the store already dead? If so, how often does this happen?

Does the store get refunded by the vendor if bettas die during transit or on shelves?

Approximately what percentage of betta fish die on the store shelves without ever being purchased?

It's advised that bettas have at least 5 gallons. Approximately what percentage of customers buy tanks that are too small? Are you able to convince them to get bigger tanks?

Do customers ever express concerns or complain about the state of the bettas at the store?

Do sick betta fish get special care in the back? Are employees allowed to use medication? Are employees trained to recognize and treat fish illness?

If a customer wants to rescue and treat a sick betta fish are employees allowed to give the fish away for free or for a discount?

Many people have noticed a pattern of GloFish getting more neglected than regular betta fish. Have you noticed this? Are employees instructed to treat GloFish differently?

Have you noticed any trends in customer behavior or pet products during your time working there?



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