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Aqueon's harmful betta fish tanks

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

How can Aqueon's tagline be "it's all about the fish"?

We are asking Aqueon Products to discontinue its five under one gallon betta fish aquarium kits:

  • Betta Bowl Kit (0.5 gal or 0.25 gal per fish)

  • Betta Castle Kit (0.5 gal)

  • Betta Falls Kit (0.7 gal)

  • Betta Puzzle Kit (0.5 gal)

  • Princess Castle Aquarium Kit (0.5 gal)

Aqueon under one gallon betta fish kits

These under one gallon tanks are marketed as suitable environments for betta fish, but there is no space for a heater or filter, and waste accumulates rapidly in the low water volume. Betta fish in these tanks endure low-quality, non-stimulating conditions their entire lives while their owners are misled into thinking that they are appropriate conditions.

(Betta fish need at least five gallons, a filter, heater, and environmental enrichment like plants and hiding spots.)

Aqueon treats betta fish like accessories and decorative objects for kids

Aqueon knows better

Aqueon is a reputable brand that is knowingly misleading consumers, perpetuating betta care misconceptions, and profitting off of merchandise that creates harmful environments for fish.

Take a look at Aqueon's own website article, "Betta Fish Tank Setup" where they advise against keeping bettas in tiny, unfiltered spaces:

"Although pet stores are known to sell betta fish in tiny bowls or narrow vases, this isn't the best choice for your betta."

"In fact, the idea that betta like these environments comes from a misunderstanding of their a pinch, they can survive in a less hospitable, shallow environment. But they don't prefer tiny spaces."

"Betta fish are happiest when they have room to spread their wings (or, more precisely, their glorious fins). This means they need a tank with plenty of space to swim and thrive."

Holding brands accountable

Unless the laws change or the demand for these kits declines, Aqueon Products (and similar companies) will continue to profit from these tanks and take advantage of consumers' misunderstandings about betta fish.

Is Aqueon proud to be known for manufacturing these aquariums? Absolutely not.

These kits are so shocking that they could easily become what Aqueon Products is most known for.

What if it became just as harmful to the Aqueon brand to make them as it is for the bettas who have to live in them?

Take action:

Fill out the "contact us" form on the Aqueon website:

Instagram: @aqueonproducts

Send them a Direct Message or leave a comment on their page.

Facebook: @AqueonProducts

Let's remind Aqueon Products of its number one goal: “Doing what is best for the health and well-being of fish and aquatic life.”


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