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Pet store betta fish neglect

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Large pet chains keep betta fish in small, unheated plastic cups, and staff do not always have the time to perform the necessary water changes nor the training to monitor fish health. Bettas could be sitting in toxic ammonia for days, weeks - even months, and these cramped, unstable conditions are extremely stressful.


The prevalence of neglected betta fish in pet stores indicates that this system of housing bettas in tiny cups is not conducive to pet welfare.

Document bad conditions

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If you encounter betta fish in poor pet store conditions, help hold these companies accountable by documenting it online. 


Take photos and videos of betta fish in bad pet store conditions, and post these online mentioning the company.

Please do not take footage of pet store staff.

Blame corporate, not staff

Corporate pet chains want us to view betta fish neglect as a problem with employees so that they don't have to take accountability or make changes to their practices.

We need to show that this is a pattern happening in stores across the country, and it is due to corporate policies and standards.

If you have images to share that you don't want to post, you can email them:

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