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Help show Aqueon that there is a demand for them to stop manufacturing aquariums under 1 gallon:

Aqueon Tanks Under 1 Gal.png

Betta Bowl Kit (0.5 gal total or 0.25 gal per fish)
Betta Castle Kit (0.5 gal)
Betta Princess Castle Kit (0.5 gal)
Betta Puzzle Kit (0.5 gal)
Betta Falls Kit (0.7 gal)


Aqueon claims its goal has always been: "Doing what is best for the health and well-being of fish and aquatic life," but by manufacturing these betta kits, Aqueon misleads consumers and exploits the resilient nature of bettas in order to maximize their own opportunities for profit. Bettas in these tanks endure low-quality conditions their entire lives.

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