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Let's create a Betta World For Bettas!

Betta World For Bettas raises awareness about proper betta fish care and addresses harmful products, practices, and guidance from retailers and manufacturers. 



Asking retailers to stop selling under one gallon betta fish tanks and urging manufacturers such as Aqueon, Marina, and Penn-Plax to discontinue their production. Major US retailers (Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, and more) no longer offer under one gallon betta fish aquariums.

Sign the petition asking Aqueon to stop making under 1 gal betta tanks.

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Betta fish are regularly found sick and dying in tiny cups at large pet chains. We need to hold companies like Petco and PetSmart accountable by exposing betta fish neglect at these stores and demonstrating that it is a pattern. 

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Raising awareness about the harms of awarding live fish as prizes at carnivals and fairs and encouraging people to take action in their cities to propose an ordinance prohibiting the use of fish as prizes

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Map and list of fish rescues across the United States available for fish adoption and surrender. Not a complete listing; please reach out with suggestions or to be included

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